January 31, 2023



200 Awesome Business Ideas

In terms of marketing you can reach customers through the standard digital marketing (social media...

In terms of marketing you can reach customers through the standard digital marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, paid search marketing…). If your using a platform like Ebay, for marketing make sure your listing stands out with professional photos, good descriptions and good reviews. The best way is to start by having a clear-out of unwanted goods at home.

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Many new top-level domain names have been released in recent years (.inc, .dev and .is are a few), meaning there is now a new opportunity to purchase popular common term domains and sell them for a profit. It’s never been easier to write, publish and distribute your writings, eBooks allow you to access a large potential audience through platforms such as Kindle . A third of workers in the UK now work on a freelance or contractual basis, meaning they work on an hourly or project fee basis providing their services to other businesses in exchange for a fee.

Q&a: Buying A Business

Beyond the initial business launch, it’s also a good idea to think about how it could grow, to enable forward forecasting. For example, if you started a dog grooming business, would you then expand to sell https://www.hutchisonandmaul.com/ animal food and accessories? Or maybe you could develop and launch your own products to sell, under that brand name. Trialing this early on helps you to understand its longer-term vision, from the start.

  • The rest of the marketing will come down to passing trade you’ll get at the shop location, add a coming soon sign in the shop window and a promotional offer to entice shoppers visiting.
  • Starting a business is a scary thing to do but if you never do it you will never know if it is something you can succeed at.
  • To teach yoga you’ll need to complete a 200-hour foundation yoga teacher training course.
  • This is yet another great option for anyone who still wishes to keep their main job but would like to earn a bit of money on the side.
  • Pets are exceptionally popular in the UK and while many are starting to adopt from animal shelters, there is still a huge business opportunity for breeding specific breeds of animals.

You’ll also need to have a Blue Badge qualification and put in place the necessary public liability insurance. First aid training is also advisable so that you can provide necessary aid in the event someone becomes ill on one of your tours. In terms of marketing you can use websites such as Zoopla or rightmove to find private sellers and contact them via other channels (i.e. letters, leaflets or social media). You can also cycle or drive around your local area and put leaflets in the houses that have signs listing them as a private sale.

There are sure to be lots of neighbours in your area who put this task off and who would be glad to have your help! It’s a simple service to set up (and one you can even do in front of the telly if you want!). If you offer to pick up and drop off ironing bundles then you’ll be very well appreciated.

As a B2B business owner, you can provide personalised, tailored services that larger agencies perhaps cannot. You could even launch into a home delivery service; these are becoming very popular since brands likeGrazeset the scene. Many people are looking https://www.wikipedia.org/ for fresher fruit and veg which can be traced back to the farmer, so why not cut out the middlemen and get some cash flowing into your home grown business. Share your experience with others and make money by starting your own workshop or retreat.

Sell Stock Photography & Video

To get started you’ll need to have experience with shooting video and access to the right videography equipment . You will also need advanced editing skills and access to video editing software . To start as a makeup artist, you need to have a good understanding of cosmetics, skin tone and the application of said cosmetics .

Making Tax Digital

Though this business idea is easy to start and scale, competition is intense in the cleaning market. You’ll need to make sure that your brand stands out and your pricing is competitive for your local area . Businesses often struggle to understand their customers, market, and how their company, products and services are viewed. This is where market research becomes critical allowing businesses to make key decisions off verified customer/market data. To start a design agency, you’ll need a decent portfolio in place (and you’ll probably want to incorporate). You’ll also need to build a sales pipeline management system and create a pitch, briefs and standardised reports.

For your own store social media is a great place to promote and specifically these types of products do very well of visual platforms (i.e. Pinterest, Instagram…). Starting a handcrafted goods business is all about skill and choosing a trendy/in demand range of products you can produce (you’ll need to carefully workout product cost, hours and materials). If you already have a handcrafting skill or know how to make a particular product you can get started straight away. If you don’t there are plenty of skills, you can learn enabling you to make crafted products. For instance; you could learn jewellery making, book making or leatherworking to create a range of different handmade products.

What skills do you already have that could be the basis for a business? Many people, take what they have been doing as employed and become a self-employed service-based business and turn their skills and knowledge into their own business. The list is endless consider accountants, web designers, tradespeople, they sell their time and skills by offering their services. A few more well-known examples are plumbers, beauty therapists, hairdressers and writers are well-known examples. It is possible to apply skills you have acquired in education or another job role to a new business idea. Capitalise on your creative skills by turning a hobby into a full-time business.