January 31, 2023



9 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Growth is reliant on repeat customers in this area, so make sure your provide an...

Growth is reliant on repeat customers in this area, so make sure your provide an excellent level of customer service that keeps customers coming back to you. The marketing for this type of business is all based on networking, you’ll need to build relationships with mid to high-level net worth individuals. A good place to start this networking would be to attend local events with your Chamber of Commerce or local business networking group. Starting a business is a scary thing to do but if you never do it you will never know if it is something you can succeed at. You may just start one of the top 10 business ideas I have listed above.

  • Nevertheless, naval engineer Richard James accidentally created theslinkywhen he knocked over a spring in 1943, and the toy has made over £180 million in profits since that fateful day.
  • From there, you can invest in digital marketing for local search traffic related to party planning and build up content to establish yourself as a go-to planner in the event/party planner in the local area.
  • You might just want to consider becoming a virtual assistant for a company.
  • If you have a distinct voice or are great at impressions, you can sell your services as a voice-over artist for commercial videos and in some cases TV productions.
  • Take advantage of the fact that people may no longer be as confident in visiting in-house restaurants – or those who have simply become accustomed to the new normal of immediacy and convenience.

Contacts are also important in this line of work; think about hairdressers, caterers, venues, DJs, etc. This will help you to distinguish yourself from the crowd and build a relevant portfolio. You should also invest in your equipment, since it’s very important to have the right tools for the job.

For example, as a wedding photographer, you provide a service by photographing key moments of the day. You can then edit and sell the photos as the product, likely with its own charge once you break your invoice down. There are endless possibilities if you want to provide a service for your small business.

From clearing gardens and lofts to providing handyman services, helping people with tasks that they don’t fancy doing is a good way to get started in a business. New services such as TaskRabbit match repair and handyman services to people wanting to pay for general DIY help so can be a good place to start. If you’re willing to work hard, scavenge resources, and do what it takes to get a business off the ground then you’re halfway there. If you still need inspiration we have highlighted some low cost and cheap business ideas you can start easily and without much capital. We know how to get your business set up and in the best possible position so that you can start trading hassle-free.

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If you have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, you can provide offline and online training to companies whose staff require training or development. This is because training is critical to creating productive employees and retaining them. To market this business, its best to target local small businesses as they tend to have ongoing commercial printing needs throughout the year. If you want to expand and target the larger UK market, you’re going to need a decent eCommerce platform, order management system and payment gateways setup. To get started, you need to create an account and list your property/room for rental and the periods it’s available. You’ll need to provide a detailed subscription, photos and set pricing .

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Read our guide to starting an online shop for an overview, and if you’re not sure what to sell, take some inspiration from our article on how to find the right product to sell online. Download your free in-depth guide to the best https://www.hutchisonandmaul.com/ in the UK. Get instant access to expert hints and tips in the click of a few buttons. The presence and power of social media in marketing has grown exponentially. Now is the prime time for businesses of all sizes to take advantage and unlock the power of proper social media management. We’ve all been in that situation where the party comes to an abrupt end because the fridge is suddenly empty, and of course all the shops are now shut.

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There has been an increasing demand for ‘Upcycled’ furniture so for those people with creative or artistic skills you could consider refurbishing or sometimes repurpose items of furniture. Create a unique new look for an old sideboard, reupholster a family favourite vintage chair, or a paint job to create a new look to an old wooden dining table. These statement pieces of furniture can be fulfilled with the customer’s specific need in mind, albeit the colour or by adapting the design these bespoke items can then be sold at a premium. You may need a van to have the ability to collect, repair, and return the furniture.

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As mentioned before, you should secure the appropriate business insurance to suit your needs and register your business with HMRC for tax purposes. You should also consider taking your business up to a more professional level by making it an official legitimate business. You can do this by registering your business as a Limited Company with Companies House and HMRC. Look at registering your services with well-respected https://www.wikipedia.org/ freelance hiring platforms such as People Per Hour, Upwork and Guru for example. Video courses are incredibly popular today and you could create a course in just about anything that there is a market for, from basic cooking on a tight budget to DIY and car mechanics. Learn about the basics of business, from registering your business through to marketing, with FSB’s free guide for start-ups.