November 29, 2022



Business Development Manager Job Description

Universities and research organisations increasingly expect their staff to diversify income streams, build pathways to...

Universities and research organisations increasingly expect their staff to diversify income streams, build pathways to impact, offer courses to partners and support knowledge exchange. These staff are busy and often don’t have the skills needed to build relationships and engage effectively with business or other external partners. For people whose job is to support these researchers or academics, this can be a challenging task.

Learn how to develop marketing campaigns that promote the whole firm and specific practice groups. Get involved in pitches and tenders, discover the world of account and event management, and see how to create effective materials across the marketing mix. You’ll be part of a team that’s driving how we position our brand on the global stage. All while helping clients meet targets and supporting the firm to win new business. Starfyn Recruitment is currently working with a client who is searching for a Key Account Manager to join their thriving team in Bracknell.

  • Develop profile raising and engagement events and initiatives to raise awareness and potential funding.
  • The Go Construct website is funded by the CITB levy and operated by the Construction Industry Training Board – CITB, Sand Martin House, Bittern Way, Peterborough, PE2 8TY, registered as a charity in England and Wales and in Scotland .
  • Each of the taught modules is delivered using the block intensive learning approach.

This module examines applying strategy in the digital marketing context. When the tools of marketing change, marketing strategies and marketers themselves must evolve too. You will also manage two Managers, developing their skills and guiding them to achieve targets that will sustain our ambitious growth. This is an opportunity for an exceptional candidate to lead ActionAid UK’s business development team, securing funding for impactful and transformative international development programmes focused on the rights of women and girls. As a business development manager in the construction industry, you could progress into a role as a bid writer, and take on responsibility for preparing and writing commercial documents needed by companies to win new contracts. Work experience is essential to gaining employment within the construction industry.

Becoming A Successful Business Leader

Business management is carried out across many sectors, in most towns and cities and within many different types of organisation. It can be a combination of attending events and networking, taking stands at exhibitions and conferences, cold calling, and responding to incoming leads. You will also more than likely be expected to identify partner opportunities to cross and up sell services. “By joining the CMS Business Development & Marketing Graduate Programme, you will become part of the team that is at the heart of the way in which CMS positions its brand in the global market.

business development

Some construction companies run graduate schemes to help you gain the necessary work experience to become a manager after your studies. Enables students to identify and develop their key personal abilities in the context of their future career aspirations. Students will be given the opportunity to undertake work experience, volunteer, study abroad or take part in desk-based consultancy. Students will be invited to apply the concepts of personal and professional development to what they are experiencing outside the classroom in order to be better prepared for their personal and professional life.

The client is seeking an experience individual to increase the brands profile and convert qualified sales leads and opportunities. Staff who are professional, appropriately qualified and who are committed to continuous professional development, keeping their knowledge up to date. The normal study load expectation for an undergraduate full-time course of study in the standard academic year is 120 credit points. This amounts to around hours of expected teaching and learning per week, inclusive of attendance requirements for lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical work, fieldwork or other scheduled classes, private study, and assessment.

Career Advice

The notional workload and the equivalence across types of assessment is standardised. Courses comprise modules for which the notional effort involved is indicated by its credit rating. Undergraduate courses typically contain 10- or 20-credit modules and postgraduate course typically 15- or 30-credit modules. During the three days (plus the follow-up) you will experience a variety of teaching and learning methods including lectures, seminars, case studies and guest speakers. You would also be expected to complete your own, individual learning, outside the classes.

The ideal candidate will have prior experience of successful fundraising and the development and implementation of strategies. They must also be able to develop strong relationships at senior levels with our external funders / partners and be able to analyse complex financial information and use it effectively to achieve targets. To succeed in this role you will have excellent communication and writing skills, an ability to interpret complex documents and prepare written responses that meet criteria.

Expanding their customer base through strategic research of new business opportunities. You could join the The Managing & Marketing Sales Association, for professional recognition, training opportunities and to make industry contacts. You could choose to specialise in a particular sector, such as IT or healthcare, or in a particular area such as sales or marketing. Andy Raynor, former CEO of RSM Tenon, sat down with us to give his insight on what it takes to be a successful business leader. Anita has a background working in research, higher education and academic publishing underpinned by scientific training in botany-ecology in sub-tropical environments from the University of Queensland, Australia.