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Business Ethics: Definition, goals, and principle

Business Ethics: Definition, goals, and principle

Business Ethics: Definition, goals, and principle

Business ethics- There are certain rules that must be obeyed, both written rules and unwritten rules. Likewise in the business world. Must comply with ethics so that a business can run well, or in other words, is business ethics.

Without attitude in business, competition between companies can become unhealthy, consumers suffer, environmental pollution occurs, or creates trade monopoly practices. A business ethic is a guideline for determining whether or not a corporation will perform an action in the course of conducting its business.

What is business ethics?

A business ethic is an important point for every business actor in running a business. Therefore, it is important that you know the meaning of business morals from a number of experts. That is:

Bertens (2000)

According to Bertens, a business ethic is broader than the provisions regulated by law. Even a business ethic is a higher standard when compared to the minimum standard of legal provisions. Because in our activities we often find a gray area that is not regulated by legal provisions.

Hill and Jones

According to Hill and Jones, Understanding Business Ethics is teaching distinguishing between right and wrong in providing provisions for every company leader when considering strategic decision-making related to complex moral issues.

Sumarni (1998: 21)

According Sumarni (1998: 21) to, the notion of business ethics is related to the problem of assessing business activities and behavior that refers to truth or honesty in doing business.


According to Sim, it is related to effective leadership in an organization.


According to Velasques, Understanding Business Ethics is a study that is based on right and wrong morals.

According to Business & Society-Ethics and Stakeholder Management

Business Ethics is a discipline that deals with the merits of duty and moral obligation in a business context.

According to Steade et al

According to Steade et al, Business morals are ethical standards related to the goals and ways of making business decisions.

Purpose of business ethics

Business ethics aims to provide encouragement for moral awareness and provide boundaries for entrepreneurs or business people to be able to conduct business honestly and fairly. In addition, business morals have the aim of obtaining and fairly and in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations.

Principles of business ethics

The Principle of Honesty in Business Ethics Business people is required to have the principle of honesty in order to get the key to long-lasting success. If there are entrepreneurs who are dishonest and fraudulent, chances are there will be no business actors willing to cooperate.

Honesty itself is usually related to the price of the goods they have offered. In running a modern business, consumer trust is very important. Therefore, business people must provide true information to consumers.

The principle of fairness in business ethic

In addition, it also requires someone in running a business to treat internal and external relations equally and give their respective rights. This aims to prevent losses for one of the business actors

Principles of a business ethic moral integrity

In carrying out their duties, business people must maintain the good name of their company. Business people must manage and run their business as well as possible so that the trust of consumers or other parties in the company is maintained. In other words, a person or business person must push himself or herself in the existence of a business to manage a sense of pride.