November 29, 2022



Business Insurance For Phones, Tablets, Ipads & Laptops

If you have premises – like a shop or an office – our business contents...

If you have premises – like a shop or an office – our business contents insurance will protect you up to the level of cover you choose. Remember to take into consideration, the value of your stock, shop front and contents. If a client believes that your advice has been negligent and led to financial or reputational damage, they might file a lawsuit against you.

  • Also known as commercial lines insurance, these coverages include property and casualty insurance products for businesses.
  • Once you’ve purchased your policy, you can continue working worry-free knowing your registered gadgets are protected.
  • So we’re spending our time in keeping things as simple as possible – so you can get properly protected, pronto.
  • Our Buildings and Contents Insurance protects your business’ premises, inside and out.
  • We do not cover machinery that has been damaged due to wear and tear.

If you have an existing quote or policy with us, you can view and download your policy documents from the My Account page. We can cover this machinery for theft and damage due to an insured event e.g. fire. We do not cover machinery that has been damaged due to wear and tear. This would cover the costs of replacing or repairing things like your broken boiler and fire/burglar alarms, as long as the damage is not due to wear and tear. So as you might expect, the cost of your will be unique too. It’ll reflect a whole host of things, like the size of your business, what your business does, and what type of activities you undertake.

I Have Quite A Lot Of Devices To Insure How Do I Register Them All?

Small businesses often aren’t prepared for large, unexpected expenses due to a claim, so it’s important to have the right insurance in place. If you’re self-employed and something goes wrong, you’ll be the one responsible for footing the bill. Download your policy documents instantly, so you can show proof of your cover to clients.

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Charlotte Lawson sheds light on a lesser-known type of commercial cover, outlining the importance of trustee insurance. Read this explainer to learn more about the employers’ liability certificate and how to display yours correctly. I will definitely recommend Hiscox to other small business owners. If you’re working for client who has asked you to complete a questionnaire regarding your insurance coverage, please send this to us via email. Our standard turnaround for a response on these queries in most cases 48 hours. You can find all the details of your renewal online within your AXA account.

Home Insurance

You can get business insurance before your limited company is officially registered, which is great news for start-ups, since it offers full protection from day one of trading. When you set up a new business, taking out insurance might be one of the first things you do to ensure any property, vehicles, IT systems and liabilities are taken care of. In fact, Hiscox business insurance can support UK-based firms that trade with tools as well as those dealing in services, professional advice and knowledge. This means gas and heating engineers can benefit from our products, as can recruitment consultants, management consultants and marketing and media agencies. When adding phones and tablets to your business insurance policy with us, you will have the option to cover each device with our VIP service.

It can protect your work, your people, your reputation, and ultimately, your future livelihood. Our private health insurance gives you fast access to eligible health treatment when you need it. Whether you’re a small, home-based eBayer, or run a building company with several employees, there’s a range of covers available to make sure you’re trading responsibly. As a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what insurance you need, and how much of it to buy to make sure your livelihood is protected. It’s important to make sure you have the right type and level of insurance for the different types of work you do. For example, if you’re a builder, you may also do roofing work on certain jobs – you’ll need additional cover for this, but you can have it all on the one policy.

Protection against claims for property damage when working on-site or at a client’s home. Also covers claims for accidental injury from a client, visitor or member of the public. This covers work that is in progress that is damaged by an insured event, such as a fire, flood, vandalism or theft. If there is an insured event such as flood or fire at your work premises, buildings insurance will cover the costs of repairing the damage, helping you get back up and running. Depending on what you do, you can also choose up to £5 million professional indemnity insurance. The same rules apply – the bigger your client, a higher the level of cover needed.