November 29, 2022



Business Insurance Quotes

You can get before your limited company is officially registered, which is great news...

You can get before your limited company is officially registered, which is great news for start-ups, since it offers full protection from day one of trading. When you set up a new business, taking out insurance might be one of the first things you do to ensure any property, vehicles, IT systems and liabilities are taken care of. In fact, Hiscox business insurance can support UK-based firms that trade with tools as well as those dealing in services, professional advice and knowledge. This means gas and heating engineers can benefit from our products, as can recruitment consultants, management consultants and marketing and media agencies. When adding phones and tablets to your business insurance policy with us, you will have the option to cover each device with our VIP service.

  • For example, if your excess is £250 and you make a claim worth £1000, your payout will be a maximum of £750.
  • And when you’re ready to buy, you can pay annually, or to help spread the cost, you can choose to pay monthly .
  • You’ll get a breakdown of the excesses for each quote when you compare with us.
  • Business insurance refers broadly to a class of insurance coverage intended for purchase by businesses rather than individuals.
  • Professional indemnity insurance covers any legal and compensation costs you are required to pay.

We’ll be there to help with compensation costs and legal fees so you can get on with running your business. If you need more information about the claims process and how to get in touch with us, you can find everything you need on our dedicated business insurance claims page. Yes, your gadgets are covered anywhere – whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure with your insured device, you’ll be protected. On top of that, you can tailor your policy however you choose, down to the cover and excess for each device. So, if you have a device that you don’t think you’ll claim for, you can choose a higher excess to make your premium cheaper.

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You can obtain a list of licensed agents in your state through your state’s department of insurance or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for most limited companies that have employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff. It’ll cover claims from employees who’ve been injured or become seriously ill as a result of working for you. If your main supplier or customer suffers damage to their premises and can’t trade, we’ll cover you for the loss of business you’ll suffer. Equally, if a market or fair that you regularly attend suffers a fire, we’ll cover the lost turnover for the time you can’t trade there. Business interruption will also cover you if key equipment that you use to run your business, like a laptop, is damaged or stolen, meaning you can’t trade.

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If you have employees, it is a legal requirement to take out employers liability insurance. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to take out other types of insurance too. Professional indemnity insurance covers any legal and compensation costs you are required to pay. Clients will often ask to see proof of professional indemnity insurance before agreeing to work with a new contractor.

How Much Does Small Business Insurance Cost?

If you have an existing quote or policy with us, you can view and download your policy documents from the My Account page. We can cover this machinery for theft and damage due to an insured event e.g. fire. We do not cover machinery that has been damaged due to wear and tear. This would cover the costs of replacing or repairing things like your broken boiler and fire/burglar alarms, as long as the damage is not due to wear and tear. So as you might expect, the cost of your business insurance will be unique too. It’ll reflect a whole host of things, like the size of your business, what your business does, and what type of activities you undertake.