November 29, 2022



Business Insurance To Protect Your Company

You can get before your limited company is officially registered, which is great news...

You can get before your limited company is officially registered, which is great news for start-ups, since it offers full protection from day one of trading. When you set up a new business, taking out insurance might be one of the first things you do to ensure any property, vehicles, IT systems and liabilities are taken care of. In fact, Hiscox business insurance can support UK-based firms that trade with tools as well as those dealing in services, professional advice and knowledge. This means gas and heating engineers can benefit from our products, as can recruitment consultants, management consultants and marketing and media agencies. When adding phones and tablets to your business insurance policy with us, you will have the option to cover each device with our VIP service.

  • The quickest way to renew your business insurance policy is through your online AXA account.
  • As a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what insurance you need, and how much of it to buy to make sure your livelihood is protected.
  • Depending on the type of business you run, you might work from home, in an office, at your shop, a client’s premises or a shared working space.
  • Small businesses often aren’t prepared for large, unexpected expenses due to a claim, so it’s important to have the right insurance in place.

Please remember to keep all your details up to date because your cover could be affected if anything isn’t correct. Please note that your annual policy will automatically renew, you will need to contact us if you have any changes or do not wish to renew your policy. If you need a replacement, or have chosen to cover your device with our VIP service, we aim to get this out within 24 hours. You can use our portal to submit your claim, but you might need to provide a few bits of information to get it assessed as quickly as possible. For example, you will need to provide a proof of purchase for the device you are claiming against, and depending on the type of claim, proof of usage too.

How Do I Make A Claim On My Business Insurance Policy?

There are different types of cover available to suit your business needs. Business insurance protects businesses against losses that happen as a result of normal business activities – particularly when a compensation claim is made. There are different types of cover for different types of risk, from legal liability, to property damage, to employee-related issues. Product liability insurance provides an extra layer of protection as part of your public liability cover. If someone complains about a product you’re involved in, whether your company designed, manufactured or sold the product, you’re protected against any costs.

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Keep in mind that when buying an insurance policy, insurers will ask for details like your business address, your trade type, and your actual or projected turnover. An online quote for Hiscox can be saved for later – you’ll just need to create an account and log in to retrieve it. If you aren’t ready to purchase cover just yet, opt for us to stay in touch when you choose cover and we’ll keep you updated with the latest products, price points and special offers. We’re sorry to hear that you’d like to cancel your AXA business insurance policy.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance If your client claims you have provided inadequate service or advice. In most cases, business insurance is optional, but some clients and companies may require proof of insurance before agreeing to work with you. Below is a summary of a generic policy, from 22 June 2021 onwards, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies. We tailor all our policies, so your documents only show what you’ve chosen to cover. Personal accident cover provides payment if anyone in your business between the ages is unable to work because they’ve been injured in an accident, whether in a business or personal capacity.