January 31, 2023



Profitable Business Opportunities in Rural Areas

Profitable Business Opportunities in Rural Areas

Profitable Business Opportunities in Rural Areas

There is no doubt about the village’s contribution to supporting the national economy. Profitable Business Opportunities in Rural Areas. Moreover, in the last few years, the village development program has been a priority of the central government, especially the improvement of the economic sector, this situation is a good opportunity to further explore various business opportunities in the village.

Profitable Business Opportunities in Rural Areas. In addition, the return of scholars to the village is a big resource in driving the economy in the village, one of which is by establishing a business in the village. The following are various types of business opportunities in rural areas

Credit business

Profitable Business Opportunities in Rural Areas. Selling pulses is one of the promising businesses in the village because this business is classified as a small capital business but has large profits in the countryside. We will also have no trouble finding agents or distributors from various operators because there are quite a lot of them. The most interesting thing about the pulse business is its very broad market which includes all economic classes in society.

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Electricity Token Sale

Gradually, people are now starting to switch to pre-paid electricity systems or in other words using electricity tokens, including the people in the village. Therefore, the electricity token sale business is the most profitable rural business.

Gallon effort

Business opportunities in the village are quite diverse and continue to grow. The business of refilling gallons is one of the promising businesses in the village because generally the villages are rich in springs and have good quality groundwater. In addition, various installation tools for drinking water depot businesses are quite easy to find, either online or in person.

Barber service

This type of business is a potential business opportunity in the village in the future. So, villagers don’t have to bother going to sub-district or regency cities to get barber services. This business is an opportunity for young scholars before returning to their village to learn this skill as preparation for opening a business in the village.

Selling Traditional Cakes

Each village generally has a unique snack that has its own taste. Therefore, selling traditional village cakes is a profitable business in the village because it still has a high demand. This is because the type of business in the village always has a place in the hearts of the city community, coupled with the development of packaging technology that can make traditional handle packaging more hygienic and attractive.

Hydroponic Farming Business

Hydroponics is a way of growing by relying on the water growing media and added with various types of nutrients. This type of business is indeed being loved in urban areas but that does not mean it is not suitable to be used as a business in the countryside. Generally, rural people already live in agriculture so running a hydroponic farming business is not a difficult thing to learn and run.

Sales of various plant seeds

Selling various types of plant seeds is a promising effort in the village because in addition to very supportive environmental conditions, such as being far from pollution and close to water sources. Business opportunities in this village have a wide market, especially since the presence of a marketplace that allows us to market products online. The variety of types of seeds also gives us many options for doing business in this village. Starting from ornamental plant seeds, vegetables, to fruit plant seeds