January 28, 2023



Small Business Ideas

Alternatively, you can partner with other organisations to provide this service and take a commission....

Alternatively, you can partner with other organisations to provide this service and take a commission. Nutritionists work with individuals to devise meal/nutritional plans so they can lead healthy lives. The dieting and nutrition industry is big business with a growing demand for nutritionists as a service. Thus, there is a steady and growing demand for personal chefs of all levels who can prepare and deliver meals to clients .

small business ideas

Read our guide to CV writing to brush up on your expertise, and then offer out your services as a résumé reviewer. And, as we explain in our guide to becoming a tutor, you can even tutor online to expand your customer base. This should be an especially good seller at the start of term, as students are starting uni and are looking for ways to decorate their rooms on a budget. Look on the likes of Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree and buy the kit at a bargain rate . Then re-sell it to an individual, school, gym, office or personal trainer. Despite students famously having no money, companies are still absolutely desperate to sell to them.

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Web development is a vital tool in any business’s arsenal, as the majority of sales are led and made through online stores. If their site is slow, not very well optimised, and doesn’t harbour a seamless customer journey, sales fall flat, and businesses lose profit. Flexible pop-up kitchens really came into their own during the height of the COVID pandemic. With restaurants unable to fully open, ghost kitchens and food trucks were able to bring the food to their customers.

  • There will be an initial outlay for your camera, lenses, tripod etc and if you’re not already an experienced photographer you’ll need to take some courses.
  • If you’ve got a sewing machine already then all you need to get this business up and running is some effective advertising.
  • Want to set up a new business in Coventry or Warwickshire but not sure what!
  • Start Up Loans backed business Utta Nutta founded by Katie Sargent, like many others, started by trading at markets as it’s a great way to test the appetite for your product and get feedback.
  • If you’ve got a bike you should be able to complete each order a lot quicker.

Selling a house is something the average homeowner does every 7 years and is extremely important as the price a seller can get for their home typically dictates the amount they can spend on the next property. Proofreaders https://www.hutchisonandmaul.com/ read and edit written content to make sure there are no mistakes in terms of grammar, spelling and typography. The amount of content being written and published each year is growing exponentially .

Amid the unpredictability of COVID, starting a personal training business can still be an ideal venture, as it provides so much flexibility. Overall, it’s feasible to set up a street https://www.wikipedia.org/ food business for less than £5,000. However, it can be risky, and you could lose trade at the mercy of foul weather or stiff competition – both of which this country has in spades.

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Creating a drop-shipping business is similar to affiliate marketing, the whole idea behind it is to be able to source a product to sell without actually handling it. Essentially you will act as a lead generation for a company with a warehouse full of stock who will process all of the handling and shipping for you direct to the customer. This can be a very profitable small business but it requires a lot of research and time taken to understand which product you should sell. A home-based business in today’s world is simply a remote-friendly business where technology can close the gap between you, your suppliers, your employees, and your customers. Altogether, this is a home business opportunity to start small, grow nimbly, and invest conservatively—especially when you can cut out the costs of renting an office. Take heed from businesses like Loisa Kurang on Instagram or Triumph With Vin to learn about ways to market yourself on social media.

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Ghost kitchens were very popular during the pandemic and continue to thrive today. These pop-up kitchens act as solely online takeaways, so you don’t have to worry about the implications of in-house dining. It is a trend that is here to stay, after people began to appreciate the convenience of having their favourite food whenever and wherever they like. Climate change and sustainability are only going to continue to gain momentum as ethically minded consumers try to do their bit for carbon neutrality. Similarly the popularity of online shopping has been on an upward trend for years as the internet has taken on such a central part in our lives.