January 31, 2023



Sweet Omzet Dessert Box Business Ideas

Sweet Omzet Dessert Box Business Ideas

Sweet Omzet Dessert Box Business Ideas

Sweet Omzet Dessert Box Business Ideas. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, people must be good at taking advantage of opportunities to fulfill their daily needs. Many things can now be done online, one of which is selling. Various social media platforms have provided marketplace facilities.

Sweet Omzet Dessert Box Business Ideas. Its function is the same as a market or supermarket that provides various kinds of goods, ranging from electronics, clothing to food. A dessert box can be the answer to your current impasse. The dessert box itself is a dessert or can be a snack that is packaged in a small box.

Like the taste, the dessert box business also has a sweet profit opportunity. A dessert box is a contemporary snack that is popular with many sweet food lovers. Besides having many loyal fans, this dessert box business has a thin capital, but the profits are quite high.

Tips for Starting a Dessert Box Business

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Observe popular dessert box menus

To start a dessert box business, it is important to understand market tastes and read hype trends. Because flavors that are not yet familiar in the market are likely to be difficult to sell. Create this new menu when Mama already has loyal customers. Some of the flavors of the dessert box that have many fans include; Ovaltine, milo, oreo, chocolate, tiramisu, matcha, choco regal, red velvet, Dalgona, and cream cheese.

Use a variety of sizes

Do not only have many flavors, but size variants must also be considered. Don’t only sell big sizes, but also regular sizes for 1-2 people. With this version, the dessert box that we make will be easier to sell. Mama can also provide a small cup size if there is a possibility that there are consumers who don’t really like sweets.

Sell ​​on all platforms

To sell quickly, we can use all popular platforms to market dessert boxes. Be it social media, e-commerce, or online motorcycle taxi platforms.
Market our merchandise first on social media if the registration on an online motorcycle taxi platform takes a long time.
Give special discounts on the most popular menus. When we are already running a dessert box business, don’t forget to do a monthly evaluation. Rank the dessert box variants starting from the best-selling ones.

Reasons for a Dessert Box Business Idea Can Lead to Success

Can Be Used As A Gift For Lovers
Often a dessert box becomes a sweet gift for a lover. LDR couples usually want to give gifts or just buy something for their partner.
Light Snack During WFH
More often at home, it actually makes your appetite or just snacking increase dramatically.
Apart from crunchy food, sweet foods are also the target of new normal people who are working from home (WFH) or when they are free to watch movies.
Birthday Cake Substitute
Usually, birthday cakes are synonymous with cream, which when taken through a road that is not smooth will be easily damaged so that it looks no longer attractive.
The difference with the dessert box is that it has a dense texture and a non-changing shape, making it safe when you have to go through a rough road, so you can get to your place safely and remain attractive.
Addictive Sweet Taste
The majority of Indonesians like sweet foods. This is a great opportunity for you to enter the dessert box business. Sweet foods tend to increase appetite.