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Top 5 Great Advertisements Of All Time.

Top 5 Great Advertisements Of All Time.

Top 5 Great Advertisements Of All Time.

Advertisement ideas are ubiquitous and exist in all forms and sizes, be it a catchy song, a witty phrase, or a creative bus ad.

What is this that makes an advertisement memorable, successful, and well-known for a long time?

One could argue that it was the influence they had on the brand’s expansion, as well as managing to make people recall these ads decades after they originally began.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on large-scale advertising campaigns, some companies even opting for consolidation loans online to boost their ads.

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Nonetheless, In 2007, it is said that the general public was subjected to up to 5,000 advertisements each day, as per market research company Yankelovich.

This number is expected to increase to 6,000 to 10,000 commercials per day by 2021.

With this, let us take a look at some of the successful ad examples that are well known to date.

1.  Guinness

Guinness was generally commended for its ‘Stay at Home’ ad, which was clear, funny, and on-brand.

However, the awe was first misplaced, as that wasn’t the product of Guinness whatsoever, but rather one of an independent writer and artist Luke O’Reilly.

The graphic, which was submitted as part of the standard Twitter artistic contest, was among the most effective beverages advertisements of the year.

Guinness wisely embraced and went with the ad.

It implied that the ‘stay at home’ messaging would be amplified even more, and in a novel manner.

2.  Weetabix

This advertisement begins with an action movie subsetting, complete with red lights, frightening sonar sounds, and crew shouting aloud “200 feet.”

“What the devil is going on?” the concerned captain figure wonders as the sub ambles dangerously.

Everything is tense till they release the hatch and draw out the binoculars to reveal the kicker – a container of Weetabix on the shore.

A teenager inadvertently retrieved the submarine from the ocean, culminating in a stunning image of the massive craft stranded on the beach.

Two amused fishermen summarize the situation: “She’s had her Weetabix,” one observes.

It’s a well-crafted, interesting, and humorous video with unforgettable graphics to drive home the catchphrase.

3.  BrewDog

Craft breweries giant BrewDog relied on the peculiarly English spirit of comedy in a well-timed Publicity campaign following weeks of lockdown gloom and doom.

They accomplished this through the introduction of a special edition of its Barnard Castle eye test IPA.

The drink was created in response to reports that Prime Minister, then-chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, had opted to “evaluate his vision.”

He accomplished this by driving to Barnard Castle after reportedly violating the law amid lockdown.

Most significantly, all earnings from the brilliantly ironic stunt were donated to the NHS as well as other health organizations.

4.  Dracula, BBC

While announcing their new drama, Dracula, the BBC elevated open-air marketing to a whole nother height, surfacing around the UK close to the end of 2019.

Throughout the day, this banner displayed a white pattern with many sticks pounded into it: suitable for a program depicting vampires, correct?

By nightfall, nevertheless, they fit perfectly and tactical positioning of the sticks allowed a silhouette to form all across a white backdrop, producing a portrait of the renowned count.

One of the most inventive advertisements we’ve seen yet.

Creative thinking can help you use traditional advertising methods in novel ways to produce something distinctive.

5.  DeBeers

DeBeers’ uncomplicated phrase “A diamond is forever profoundly revolutionized the diamond trade and matrimony everlastingly, making it arguably one of the most powerful advertising campaigns in history.

Diamond jewellery and engagement were not nearly as prevalent until this promotion as they are now.

DeBeers established the entire economy from scratch.

Demonstrating how the perfect ad, with the appropriate terminology and visuals, at the opportune timing, can influence an overall market.


Whenever it comes to enhancing an audience to feel a specific way towards your company, innovative product marketing can go a huge way.

A good advertising campaign has advantages for both the client and the firm.

Advertisements must be sophisticated and multi-layered to be effective.

Of course, digital networks now play a critical part in marketing, making videos a more popular platform.

A superb pad, however, with the precise combination of words and a spot-on image, maybe just as effective as a glossy, high-tech digital blitz.

And this is demonstrated in the examples we’ve discussed above, which incorporate all of these techniques for a successful commercial ad.